Monday, 11 February 2013


Not long ago I knew this girl. When asked at a youth group leader meeting to write down what is most important to her she wrote one word: Truth. Not sure what all of that entailed, she then endeavoured to live her life chasing hard after that Truth. Failing, falling, bumping, bruising along sometimes this chase looked more like a scared run or a hide and seek game of the ashamed.

This girl, she knew that Truth must be her anchor, but didn't really know what that looked like. She wanted to stand for it, but how to do this was always a challenge that seemed to be the better.  It seemed as if the world had invaded the church...that those wanting to stand for Truth, including this girl looked a whole lot like those who said that you couldn't know it and to claim to was arrogant and self righteous.

Wrapping herself tight in her own wisdom was folly. Comparisons always lead to discontent and this girl? She spent almost four years in Germany, just that...discontent. As Humility leaned in and breathed its wispy soft blows to her bleeding heart the Spirit helped her realise that grace and truth....those two must go hand in hand.  Words from the Word of Life, kind words from friends who know the Word began to take root to blossom something anew. This is not a Truth ladder to climb, rather a race with the goal, the prize given not to the winner, but because of the Winner, Jesus Christ who lives inside her. She claims Him as her prize and because of him is called Child by the One who made all things past to present and makes all things new today.

This girl.
She Stands
because of the One who stood in her place
and yours....
More counting of these wondrous gifts...
812. learning to stand
813. looking back, seeing grace
814. grappling, praying KNOWING the Lord will show us the way
815. friends
816. running late: learning humility, and some time manangement ;)
817. a husband who hates to leave us...even for a night
818. knitted hats
819. sisters in Christ who pray, I know they do
820. kids playing freeze dance in the living room to Britt Nicole. Her cd Gold is super fun BTW. :)


And yes, I am still memorizing...though this brain of mine is slow. I am challenging myself to get Phil. 3:7-14 memorized this week...and trying not to worry about falling so. far. behind.  I do hope you're challenging yourself too!

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