Saturday, 3 November 2012

Never Too Late for Friday Favs!

Yes, I know it's Sat. It's actually lateish Sat. evening. FridayFavs are actually supposed to be posted on Friday. Which is not today. Obviously. Oh, time management we have already decided you are one of my greatest foes. However, since the past couple of weeks have been, well pretty wonderful I thought I would share in more of the fun and favorite things we did together. These here are some of our Favs from when the laundry fairy (AKA Nana) was still in town.

 Making sweet treats
And a Pinata
And just for the record Pinatas are hard to make.
It is a project that takes about a week.
Not 2 or 3 days
Unless you live in the South and can put it outside to dry in Oct.
Meg (from Little Women).
And a pirate, of course.
I love them all.
Well, the children dressed up as them anyway.
This here is the Cowboy at the fishin' hole.
It is quite possible that our homemade pinata did not work out so well.
Thank you Wal-Mart.
Yes, that is snow.
At least 2 or 3 in.
Yes, I know it's only November.
It is pretty though covering those bendy trees right?
Kinda like Narnia. Right? Right??
Reminiscing the good ol' days...
in Switzerland.
Maybe it snows there in November too.
"The fight of faith is the fight for JOY!" ~John Piper
Well said.
And what would this FridayFavs post be with out a pix of the
laundry fairy herself.
She's one of my favorites.
Love you Mom!
Thanks for making special memories with us.
And for bringing some warm weather.
But mostly for just being you.
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  1. My daughter would love your daughter's costume! Did you used to live in Switzerland?! Your dress in the last picture is too cute. Fun post. :)

  2. Oh yeah, I can't believe you got that much snow!!! Thankfully no snow here yet...I mean...I wish it was like Narnia at our house too. ;)

    1. Heidi...thanks for stopping by! We looked and looked and looked for that dress and found it at St. Vini's of all places (a local thrift shop). We have only visited Switzerland a couple of times while being stationed in Germany for 4 years. This is our first year (well, almost) in the UP of M.I. Oh and that was my mom's dress that she gave to me before she went to live on a boat in North Carolina. I love it too!

    2. My grandma was from the UP - Copper Harbor to be exact. My dad still goes up there at least once a year just because he likes it. :) Nate and I spent the night on Mackinac Island this summer and then drove just a little ways into the UP and ate pasties (a family memory of mine because of my grandma).

      We live in Michigan too...but we live in the LP. ;)

    3. Heidi, I do believe that Yoopers are much like Texans and don't really understand why a person would want to live anywhere the entire's pretty funny since my husband is from TX. ;0) I did read about your trip to Mackinac. We are hoping to go before our enlistment here is up. Let me know what kind of pastie that you like. I've only had one and it wasn't a favorite, but I think I need to give it another try....maybe I didn't order the right kind??!

  3. Yes, "best dad ever". That is the cutest picture (among many you've shared)!

    1. Thanks Rachel for the encouragement! PicMonkey always makes my pictures look great. You're super sweet for stopping by.