Sunday, 6 October 2013

Oh, I need You

I get off the phone with an acquaintance and they thank me for telling me that we are praying for them. That seriously we are praying for them.
 And they say thank you....I NEED IT! My reply? Well, some of us walk around thinking that prayer is something for when your house is set on fire (literally and figuratively) and for others of us it is a ever present reality that we would not survive the next minute with out prayer.
But isn't it true?
My very own words convict.
 Oh, how I would learn to live what I speak.
Grace upon grace and it is a slow process isn't it?
So here I am again. Taking up a challenge to read the Word, and memorise a little too. And though things are a little hectic, to think of another to bless...outside my immediate family. And to pray.
A lot more.
This is not a list. NO, because I could merely whisper the words to "As the Deer" this morning in church, the weight heavy for not being as that deer.
So I certainly do not a list of things to check off. and I can almost be 100% certain you do not either.
Rather this is a pleading to the Father to know Him better, to depend on Him alone, to trust in His Son daily...for help to look to him even in the most mundane. Because even if life is smooth sailing for you right now, the storm will come... it's only a matter of time and the ever present reality will again be our need for Jesus: the One who controls the greatest of storms.