Sunday, 17 February 2013

Winter Is

Winter Is...

Naps on the couch
Good Reads.
With leaves for bookmarkers.
Lots of light saboring.
Snow Forts.
Dogs pulling a sled 200 miles.
And the musher behind them.
Coats zipped up to our eyeballs
Frozen Face.
Seriously, his face was frozen.



Falling down while skiing

Success! while skiing.
Lot's of yelling, "Do the pizza!!!" at skiing children.


  1. Fun pictures! I grew up skiing. :)

    1. Skiing with small children is a bit like camping with small children always seems like a good idea.... ;) We do have a good time, it's just exhausting at the same time. I know you know about this. :) Glad you're feeling better Heidi. I always apprecite you stopping by...

  2. My husband didn't grow up skiing (he's only been three times, I think), so we most likely won't make it a family sport. Our kids haven't ever skied yet, but I can imagine it's not so easy. :) I think I started skiing when I was 10, so I wasn't really young, but it came fairly easy to me...not saying that I liked it, but I was good at it. Ha! What I REALLY LIKED was going inside for hot chocolate. :)
    Thank you! I'm glad I'm feeling better too. SOO nice to have energy again. Enjoy your evening!

  3. Love these pictures!!! Gideon looks soooo much like Justin. Maybe he always did but in these pictures it was so clear. Love that. Love the skiing pictures too! How fun. Such a great winter experience. I miss skiing! Glad you all love the snow as much as I do!! Miss all 6 of you!

  4. Actually maybe its you (kari) he looks like - oh now I am all confused! Either way he is adorable!

    1. Maybe someday, you guys will make the trek up here and we can watch your boys and you two can ski! Wouldn't that be lovely??? :)