Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Sitting here, sunshine glowing through the curtain, Wreck It Ralph playing in the background and trying not to freak out about all that needs to get done before move day. So things will be quiet a bit around here for awhile...maybe a few weeks even...but that's good....breaks are good. I do hope your celebration of our risen Lord was lovely. And as spring blows in soft breaths of fresh air (or the hope of spring if you're a Yooper!), dear friends, may the Light of the World shine hard-bright into your hearts, showing you His truth.
And of course this list that keeps. on. growing.:
852. a church family willing to always, always help
853. seeing God at work...and the face of people who are just blown. away.
854. celebrating a RISEN Savior
855. a pastor and his wife fixing, serving his flock breakfast
856. empty walls...full boxes
857. kind friends
858. excited for spring...having a hard time waiting....
One last thing. Just want to post the link to this weeks verse. I do hope you're taking the time to hide the Word in your hearts. Praying for grace here!