Saturday, 14 February 2015

Pride and Love and Other Stuff

I sat down a couple days ago to type out a "love" post for Valentines Day. Not getting very far into it, I laid the laptop aside for something else and then went to bed, I believe. The next day was a challenge. To love, I mean. Especially some of the little people in my life. A few days before that, the first graders and I spoke a lot about pride. I did a pretty good job (in my professional teaching opinion) talking to them about this heart issue they were having.  And then God, in his abundant grace, did an even better job of helping me to see my heart issue in relation to pride too these last few days. Yup, He's good like that.

Once I believe that I have some of the answers about something, he reminds me that I have a lot to learn. What amazing grace. What love that is. A God that cares that much. It stings a little, yes and if I'm honest a lot sometimes especially in those moments where I know what I am doing or saying or thinking is not motivated by love for Him, and I choose to do it anyway. 

Never have I been challenged in this area before as I am daily. Never have I had to choose to love so many times in a single day. Never have I had to go before Him and ask Him to love a child for me because the feeling just isn't there right that moment. Never have I had to ask for forgiveness so many times. Never have I needed Him more.

Some of you mothers will never relate to this, but maybe you can as a wife or a sister or a daughter or aunt or whatever you may be to that person or people that are hard to love. It certainly isn't the kind of "true love" that is found on most television programs or movies. It is not romantic. It isn't even really the kind that is celebrated by most on this day. It's not motivated by feelings. It is pretty messy. It is beautifully hard. Yet, it is love.

If there is love worth celebrating it is just that...isn't it friends? 
Happy Valentines Day from all us 10 crazy popes.