Thursday, 5 April 2012

Once..long ago...

There was this girl I once knew
Perhaps, it was you, that knew her too

This girl, she had all the answers
Though her heart, full of questions...murmurs

This girl, she's moved afar
Anger, wrath, even hatred fill her heart

There was this boy I once knew
Perhaps, it was you, that knew him too

This boy loved to play ball
This was the thing he loved most of all

This boy dealing with losing a loved one so dear
And this girl, knew that pain too, brought her right near

This ball, this boy and girl
These three become friends hard to unfurl

These friends, these three friends from the start
What they think is love grows inside their hearts

Lust, is never...ever really good
Things turn, unexpectedly out as these two never thought they would

A new beginning was started, a journey of sorts
The hills were high, and valley's weren't short

Rocky is the road that leads to redemption
But these two they stay committed

Yes, committed they stay
Then there was that day, yes grace appeared that day

Like the butterfly, fashioned anew
In Christ this girl and boy were anew too

That old man is gone away
And Grace, He's here forever to stay

Faded are the memories of that girl and boy
Christ has bound us together with so much a great Joy

I remember them often, though, these two I knew from the past
Ten years, and oh, how I can praise the Sustainer at last

I praise Him for this beautiful messy, mess
You and I and Him just one beautiful, crazy mess

And that Love? What is love but laying your life low
Way down, carrying the cross, that is the love we want to show


  1. Wow! I'm moved but your words... so honest, vulnerable, real, inspiring and beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing! Congratulation on ten years, I admire your commitment to each other, your family and most of all to Christ!

    with love,


  2. Congrats on 10 years! Beautiful poem. Kari Jo did you write that? Seriously so moving. Love you and hope you are all doing well!

  3. What a beautiful, moving, and loving "rambling", as you call it! I felt blessed just from reading. So happy for you and Jason...and your wonderful life together. Thanks so much for sharing. Love you guys, and hope one day to meet all the little Popes!

  4. I meant JUSTIN IN THE POST ABOVE! Sorry about that. I used to confuse them and their names all the time when the Hughes boys and Pope boys were all in the house together. You'd think as I get older, I'd get wiser :)