Monday, 26 September 2011

The Cool Waters of Change

Change is often like the big, wet, freezing cold pool of water that you face on a hot summer day. The sun is beating down on you and you long to dive right on in. There is only one thing standing in your way: take-your-breath-away-cold water. Do you jump right in, allowing the coolness to chill you to the bone? Or do you dip your toes in, then your feet, and then your shins all a little at a time allowing yourself to get acclimated to the water?

Whatever your preference, the water is always cold and the sun is what was warming you just before the water swallowed you whole. It's always hard. Change, I's always hard even if it's good change. But just like the brisk pool of water, eventually you do get aclimated to it...eventually. 

And this, my friends is the hardest part about all of the changes that come with being in the military: saying good-bye. There is almost no water colder than this.  As I look around at my bare, white walls that just this morning were full of some of the things we hold dear, saddness wells up inside me again.

Thank you Lord, again, for the gift of friendship....

269. checking things off the million mile long list of things to do before we PCS
270. a husband running toward Christ
271. bright red leaves
272. lady bugs
273. forgiving friends
274. change, even in the hard parts
275. generous friends
276. sharing life Sunday night, chatting with Jill
277. kind friends
278. servant friends
279. teaching friends
280. a lesson in giving grace
281. Dad, superhero Dad found Hunter's bike that was stolen; grace
282. funny friends
283. seeking friends
284. praying friends
285. breakfast at the bowling last time

Monday, 12 September 2011

No Good

It's the beginnings of the good byes.  I decided today that I am no good at them...really, not good. At. All.  I look behind and see it: grace. Grace is all I see. Grace in what we did, what we didn't do, what we saw, the decisions we made, the regrets we try not to hold close, and the friendships we hold closer. When you share in Christ with people, I mean really share in Christ with them it is a gift worth far more than rubies and gold.

Tomorrow I'll share in Christ while walking round a short track. We'll be walking in circles, but don't be deceived, I'll be growing, learning...sharing.  And there it is again: grace.

Thank you Lord, for the unmeasured grace you have imparted to us by giving us friends who love you and are chasing hard after You. Indeed, you are good!

252. walking and chatting with a friend whilst being encouraged...always encouraged
253. our God, always protecting
254. our God, always in control
255. finding grace in the hard parts
256. chasing hard after Christ, an example of many around me
257. reading Genesis to my Love
258. making cookies with Jordynn
259. seeing the bottom of the laundry bucket
260. new cloth diapers
261. chilly German nights
262. a port of call date
263. a good reminder-life is but a wisp...a vapor
264. something stirring inside
265. hard good byes mean rich friendships
266. slip-n-slide, sunny, summer days
267. tears
268. my Love; his big arms wrapping me up with warmth and goodness

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Often, and I do mean often, I second guess myself. Maybe I should say at least fifty times a day I second guess the decisions I make or we make together, Justin and I. These can be small, big or somewhere in between. But if you think about it, much of life is made up of decisions. Maybe I'll keep a tally tomorrow....kidding, but that would be interesting wouldn't it?!

All of this second guessing, hemming and hawing over things or chewing the cud probably stems from being "right" and "wrong." Those of you that know me well can attest to my black and white nature. I once jokingly and on accident  said to a friend, "there is black and then there is right." It really was an accident as the words spilled out of my mouth, but if I'm even halfway honest, I also thought it was kind of brilliant after I said it.

There aren't a lot of shades of grey in my life, just ask my children....or the man that calls me Love. I like lists that I can check off. I like the Paul's books in the Bible because he gives more of lists...dos and don'ts...things of that nature. 1 John has been throwing me off because of all this talk about love, and well, love but there is no list for me to check off. How can you check off love? How is love quantified? And this is supposed to be the book in the Bible that helps me discern if I'm "in the faith" or not.  

So when it does come to those BIG decisions, there I go again. Was that the "right" decision? What should we do when the Bible doesn't say for sure, when there is no "thou shalt or shalt not?" Couple this with, in my pride, wanting everyone to understand our decisions and this can make for a lot of second guessing. So I turn to some of the most comforting words in the Word and see,

"Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, so now, not only as in my presence but much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling," ~Phil. 2:12 (ESV)

There were a lot of reasons that we BEGAN to home school, none of them, I believe based on fear of the world and yet, as with many other decisions that the Lord has walked us through these are much more rich and deeper reasons now that we're 3 years into it and at the top of that list is simple: together, being together...

Saturday, 3 September 2011


Learning together.

Dirty little feet...always makes me smile...

Bed headed Gideon

A family; a since of belonging together....