Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The I don't know what to post, post

It seems that I have this form of writer's block where I write very witty, remarkable posts...all in my head. Oh, yes ones that you would love to read, and comment about. They just never seem to leave my head and journey down that long, weary road to my fingers. Then I actually find this speck, yes speck of time to write (ok that's not entirely true, I do have time...I just don't use it to write here all the time.) I do have a life people. Ok that's not entirely true either, at least not in the connotation I was using it in.  So then, when I do sit down to write in that speck of time...it's gone. All. Of. It. Just gone...gone...gone...gone...gone (which BTW is a song by the group 33Miles that was my oldest son's favorite song for about 5 years...he loved it so much that I can't say the word with out trying to break out into the chorus...seriously....PTL we've moved on from that).

Anywhoo, I don't really know what to write. I want to say that I'll do a Christmas post soon and give you all a good guilt trip about giving good gifts (that was a bit of sarcasm, which is hard to detect sometimes, I know ;) ) but I can't promise that either...so I'll just say this:

It has been quite sometime since I have had a small baby during Christmas. And I think that when Hunter was born, because he was in the NICU at first, we kind of missed Christmas. Some might argue (and when I say some, I mean me) that I was also very, very young (and still a bit green) and didn't appreciate smallness as I do now. I look at little Naomi and think of Mary holding Jesus on that long ago starry night and think about the wonder of it all. Her loving him as just about every mother loves a child, not really understanding that who she was holding would love her enough to die for her. What a captivating thought. What a good gift. The best gift of all really....

PS Compassion and Children's Hunger Fund do all have their gift catalogs up on their website now if you wanted to check them out. What a wonderful way to honor someone in your life...especially when all of us have all that we need...and a bit more. :)