Wednesday, 22 June 2011


"That's what you expect Kari? Perfection?" The words, the question my sister asks still ring in my ears, and I hear myself answer...yes. What a tall order! Perfection. It's almost laughable...embarssing to admit. Sometimes the truth is a bit embarassing. It's not people I expect to be perfect. No, I know people dissapoint, people hurt, people sin. But maybe, it's the perception of perfection that I desire. Maybe it's what I want people to percieve us as. This I do know in my head, that we (All 6 Popes), are but a beautiful mess but my heart sometimes screams for perfection. The mess is ok, until it is "seen" by others... until it reaches out and touches their lives.

Oh, how easily I forget that I am perfect only in Christ. It is what He has done on the cross for me that makes me perfect. Perfection is not found in anything or any one else; only in the ONE who is the great I AM. I sit at the right hand of the father, not because of anything in me for nothing in me is good. I sit at his right hand because he sees me as he sees his Son. To find perfection in anything else is to find yourself on the lonely road of dispair. I forget. I wonder. Then I am reminded. "If anyone is in Christ he is a new creation. The old has gone. The new has come!" 2 Corinthians 5:17

Instead of walking that long road of dispair, my heart longs to be thankful...

101. family coming to visit, all the way from the plains of Kansas to our wet wonderland
102. cousins enjoying each other
103. soft, girly giggles
104. Jodie ~ wisdom she cries out and grace has helped her find it

105. that same ol' messy lesson
106. playing like a kid
107. writing
108. grace; fill me up grace; running over, grace; all I need, grace
109. finding our way
110. forgiveness for forgetting...always forgetting
111. a listening nurse practitioner
112. did I say forgivness?
113. spending time with Jodie. listening to her sweet prayers.
114. hikes in the swiss alps
115. learning humility
116. the kids building a "mountain" out of our cushions
117. sweet squeels of kids playing outside.
118. the Sun...reminds me of the Son
119. hearing how the Lord is working in the lives of dear friend
120. an unexpected phone call...30 min. of thanksgiving!
121. what a joy to have my lil' brother around
122. that Love of mine, who sacrfices everyday for us, and wears proudly the name daddy