Friday, 26 October 2012

Time Management and Some other Stuff: FridayFavs!

Time management. Not my best skill. Using a bow staff, now that's totally my skill. Still, if I had to use the bow staff at a particular time, it might just be rendered useless or not found because it is under my laundry pile (which by the way is awfully low since my Momma showed up on the scene from North Carolina...yeah she's the best). This is why I have not again posted to FridayFavs. No, not because I've been using my bow staff skills all too often. No, no that's not why I don't have's that managing it wisely thing that hangs me up. Anywhoo, it's actually Thursday night (HA! Take that time management) whilst I work on these. Enjoy! Oh, and do read some of Rachel's encouraging blog posts. You can thank me later.

The boy who wears a helmet while mowing the sidewalk.
I do love you dearly.

Spent all of 5 minutes figuring the two wheel thing out.
Way. To. Go!

These bendy trees.
This girl.
Sitting on this special quilt.
 The one who loves to read.
Especially when we get a new JM Cremp's Magazine.
Yes, he's all boy, as the saying goes.
An unexpected gift from a dear friend.
Thank You!
Pretty Paper Flowers

 Midtown Bakery.
P.S. Ahem, since I had to google bow staff to make sure it was not a deer hunting weapon then maybe I don't possess that skill either....sigh....

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