Friday, 5 October 2012

Those Little Men and a Few Others Too

Some of my favorite moments this week was spending time with these 3 little men, and of course that not-so little lady (she'll be 10 next week...YIKES!) Then there were some unexpected surprises along the way too. I. Am. Blessed!

This day, this walk was, well it was beautiful....and just about right in our back yard...give or take a few hundred.
This boy playing soccer.

This one fighting hard the toothy grin.
This, the littlest of the little men.

This sweet girl, studying away for AWANA.
Beautiful day. Beautiful boy.


Sneaky one.

When writing out a challenge for myself and perhaps some of you I certainly didn't think that I would be the "someone" that someone else would be caring for this week. To my surprise, I was. Check out that handle on the Kitchen Aid bowl...I've always wanted one....and it's even more wonderful than I imagined. Sometimes accepting grace is harder than giving it isn't it? So. Blessed! 

All that candy in there is from Deutchland, that's Germany for you Americans out there. I about fell apart when I opened this box from a woman who just gets me. Filled to the brim with goodies (catch a glimpse in the above photo) and special things made for me...things she knew I would love (it even smelled like Germany.) She's just that kind of friend. Made me Germany-sick...made me feel happy-sad missing my friend. Again, so blessed!

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Linking up here at finding joy for the first time. If you have a chance and you're a mom I highly recommend perusing though some, if not all, of Rachel's "Dear Mom" letters. They offer a real dose of encouragement!

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