Monday, 23 July 2012

This Girl

This thing we call mothering, it has been hard as of late. This bending low. I've shared that I don't want to do it sometimes. That sometimes, I want to rise up and do things my own way because that bending low, it hurts and it doesn't look pretty.

 This girl. She's growing. The girl who grew inside me when I was just a girl. She is becoming her own. I see it. I see Christ richly dwelling inside her. I see the battle. I see the heartache. I see the triumph....though they have seemed to be few and far between as of late. She loves deeply. She feels deeply. She wounds deeply. And I'm almost sorry to say that she is more like me then I would ever want to admit. She is fiery and passionate. She takes things personally, and overanalyses. She has a hard time loving those close to her sometimes, yet loves and sacrifices and cares. This girl: She. Is. Lovely. She is full of beauty. And I do forget to tell her this often. This girl, I can't imagine my life with out her.

I am ever so thankful for this sweet girl. It was this gift of her that God used to point me to the greatest Gift of all....

591. this girl who I know like no other
592. long, wonderful, hard talks
593. remembering that comparisons only end in discontentment
594. a minty green island
595. mercy: to be given to all not just those who deserve it
596. a lovely visit with Justin's mom
597. hiking Sugar Loaf Mountain and sharing that with Barb
598. handing them, all 4 of them, over...again
599. giving chickens in Honor of my mother: what a funny, wonderful gift (my mom and the chickens)
600. praying for dear friends
601. that wonderful thing in the kitchen called a crock pot
602. coffee in the early mornings
603. Joy: studying Philippians


  1. i love this so much. it's a good thing she is a lot like her mama, because her mama is one of the most incredible person i know. love you!

    1. Thank Amy....this life of mothering isn't for the fait of heart is it???!!! Love hearing from you!

  2. The words of your precious daughter are so sweet and full of love. What a blessing to her (and for you to be reminded of).

    1. Yes.... blessings. Thank you Jessica! Loved hearing from you!!