Thursday, 26 July 2012

Gettin' our Craft on

I have decided that if I'm actually going to pin something to Pintrest that I am going to attempt to make it or use it for inspiration...that it will be used as a tool and not as another distraction. This may be wishful thinking on my part...a high and lofty goal, but in the weeks since opening an account I have:

~ Bought from Goodwill for $7.00 (yes, I KNOW $7.00) a rather unattractive dresser piece, painted it barn red and replaced the knobs with new ones from Menard's. Did you know (I did not!!)  that people that bring in their paint that was not mixed to their liking is sold on the back shelves and it is a whole lot cheaper to buy? I got 2 gallons of paint for 10.00. My primer was more than that!!

~Painted this rather dull looking island (another Goodwill purchase) this weird blue color (another returned paint color) that I love. The bummer is that is isn't the Ol' Man's favorite, but he said as long as I don't paint the table this color, it's ok. Which I would have. Painted the entire kitchen table this color,  I mean. So I'm glad he said something. :) Yes, I have another stool...but it's no where to be found. No, I don't know have a family of 6 looses an actual if you find it, please let me know.

~Spray painted this ugly cork board to post up scripture memory verses, people/places we're praying for, and appointments etc. to remember. It's right above my sink which is perfect because I tend to spend a lot of time in front of it! Thanks Mom for this one (she's better than Pinterest).

~Found a super cute, SUPER easy idea from Less-Than_Perfect-Life of Bliss. Using an old head band, some ribbon, and extra strips of fabric you can make these wrapped flower headbands. Click here for a simple tutorial for the flower making.

Happy Crafting from all 6 of us Popes!

PS I promise I will get better at taking before pictures fo a more dramatic effect :)


  1. ummm...good job actually making your pinterest pins reality! i need to do the same and i love that "weird blue" color! it's my signature color! i just painted our outside chairs and mila's big girl room that color! luke cut me off and said stop with the color. he's worried i will paint every room that color and i'm tempted!

    1. too funny, amy! It is funny b/c I still have most of it sitting in the pail in the garage unused..sad, I know. Maybe I can pawn it off on one of my friends, but I'm not sure they're brave enough to put it to good use. :)

  2. I am THOROUGHLY impressed! How fun! What a great way to get some artsy time in, bless your family with seeing you turn things from old and ugly to clean and beautiful! I love this. AND you have 4 kids at home while you did all this......seriously what do I do with my time?? HA! I have no excuses anymore!

    1. Thanks for the encouragment, sweet cousin! And don't be impressed.....seriously, if we're getiin' our craft on a lot of other things are not done (like cleanig, for one). We do lots while Gideon is sleeping and the olders are getting old enough for me to say "find something to do OR I'll find you something to do." Love you, dear one!