Friday, 6 July 2012

For the Love of Books

This boy of mine he never stops moving, even when he is still. He is seven and loves to run crazy wild and free, parachute off our couches, wrestle ‘til someone is physically hurt, climb the tallest tree, venture into the unknown (AKA the woods by our house), tease everyone he loves especially his big sister. He especially loves to figure out just how a thing works…even if it breaks the thing. Run into the house with something wiggly, squirming, and usually with an ick factor of about 11. He then loves to put them in jars and watch them. This boy of mine also loves to read. Yes, read. He loves to have his adventures in books.

Funny, I never thought he would love them. Those things that can open a person up wide and help them find an adventure, a life even they never thought they would take or have.

Never. Not once. Did I think he would LOVE them….

The library. He loves going there too.

As the biggest Love in my life and I chatted about this surprising development we realized that some unconscious choices have lead to this.

You see, this boy who is all boy as they say. Would also love to sit and play video or computer games all day. If we let him, he would sit and have the adventure come to him via the Internet or TV.

I say unconscious choices because we didn’t really set out not to have cable or any kind of TV (unless you count the Apple TV). Cable was free for Service Members in Germany, but that German townhouse just didn’t provide enough room for hosting small group once in awhile and that 42ish in. television. So there it went, that big ol' TV into the closet for awhile.

It was then we realized that, “Yes, we can live with out it!” It was a surprise to say the least. Instead of watching T.V. we read.
           A lot.

This made it an easy decision for us when we moved back to the states.
                       No cable.

We continue to read and I think that this has much to do with his love of reading. And for this simple thing: for the love of books, I am most and ever so thankful. I pray it continues to grow.

I pray as he carries his Beginners Bible to bed every night that even those simple words would reach to the depths of his soul and save him: that the Word would dwell in him richly.

For this I am thankful.

No, TV is not evil. We enjoy our fair share.  And really I would love me some HGTV and the Food Network. Yes, I would love that. In fact at this very moment all the 4 kids and the biggest kid of all are all watching Holes together and loving every minute of it...

…but we did read the book first.

581. little boys
582. little boys reading under the island
583. little boys in overalls
584. little boys running wild from firecrackers lit by the biggest boy
585. that bright, funny not so little girl: always making me laugh
586. finishing a good book with them all
587. that biggest Love taking a nap with the littest Love on the couch
588. a funny story about pride and a good reminder that it goes before the fall
589. 3 more weeks of school. yay!
590. rain, rain, please don't go away

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  1. i love this post so much! it gives a clear picture of who your little man is. he will love looking back on this one day. :) no cable?! good for you! that is so much better for your kids' minds! also, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. it made me cry for the second time about it all. you are such a dear friend. love you!