Monday, 26 November 2012

Made Humble

As I hold and rock our two year old for a must-have-or-I'll-fall-asleep-at-five-and-not-go-to-bed-'til-11 nap, we listen to quiet Christmas music. As I hold and rock this littlest one of mine, I think about Mary, rocking her God-in-flesh baby. It is sweet. And again I am made humble as I think about this Word becoming flesh.

You see, almost every time I want to rise up, to gain something in and of myself, to want a high accolade, it is then I am reminded things like this: that the God of the universe, He who made all things, came as a baby first. No, not as a King. No, not as a ruler, but as a babe in a manger whose every need had to be met first by his own mother.

And so in this life of bending low to be lifted up, I find myself battling against always wanting a pat on the back, recognition for things done well....given well. Just this morning here I am standing in the kitchen crying out for grace to love a friend when I really want, and think I deserve, to be shown the kind of love that I am asked to give freely and with out expectation of return.  And it is hard. Isn't it? And the tears fall.

If there is anything good in me, it is because of you, Christ.
Thank you for coming as a mere babe.
For your life here was lived humbled.
From the first to it's last.
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