Friday, 16 November 2012

Gratitude: FridayFavs

I'll be sharing our home with you today
in all it's messy glory.
I'm asking for grace, please,
and for one more thing too
But more about that in a bit.
This Country.
I'm thankful we live here.
No, not perfect.
Not even close.
Still, freedom rings and I am thankful.
These People.
The Pilgrims.
Who endured and persevered at great cost and suffering.
Again, not perfect.
Their yearning for freedom: unquenchable.
Their hope in Christ: unshakable.
Messy boys, lots of toys.
Comfy beds to lay our heads.
Lots of shoes of which to choose.
Always enough.
And really, even more than that.
It's was in the looking through the lens today that I really could see. The more pictures I took of the beds and lights and running water and the washer and the dryer and toilets and toilet paper and dinner and the dishwasher and a girl making a sweet treat in the blender, the more I was reminded of the blessings surrounding us and just how much I take advantage of it. After shooting, I asked myself, the same question I remember asking myself in Mrs. Harris' class in 6th grade, "What would it be like if I were born somewhere else?" Somewhere else that didn't have electricity or running water or closets full of shoes. Somewhere in which bellies were not full, but growling all day and all night....mothers and fathers not knowing when and how their children will be fed. Somewhere the clothes are pounded hard against rocks to get clean and though the water is not clean they still dip their jugs in to haul home to drink. Somewhere else is most of this big wide world that we live in isn't it?
And often, when I receive a Compassion Blogger assignment, I don't know of what to write. All I have ever known is an affluent life in America. I know nothing of poverty, no not the kind our David and Ernstia know and will know all of their lives, very probably.  So it is hard to relate. It is hard to communicate with out sounding like the mom or dad doling out a guilt trip (or a "lecture" as Jordynn calls them.) But that is not what it this about. Instead today, every day can be a day of...
Yes, gratitude.
Being so thankful for what you have been given that you want to extend a little,
and  make a sacrifice for another.
Because if you think about it: their needs are so great, but what most of us has been given is FAR greater isn't it? Take a look would you? Would you pray? See for yourself. And truly, these two, David and Ernstia, that we have the honoured privilege of helping are more a gift to us then we could ever be to them.


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