Friday, 23 November 2012

Friday Favs: Thanksgiving Style

We have this wonderful life in the Air Force that the Lord has given. Yes, we do! We love living off yonder (I stole this word from my mother) here and there. There are these times that come around once a year, namly the holiday season, and there in my heart...all our hearts really....this pang. A little twinge of saddness that we are not sharing turkey (or pizza if you live in our home), dressing, cornbread, mashed potatoes, and just about every dessert you can think of that you can put in a can of pumpkin into with all those around the world, friends and family alike, that we love so dearly.

I once was told by a dear friend who is a missionary to military families and has see her fare share of people coming and going in her life that, "Oh, how I do wish I could gather all those that I love in one special place and live together....forever." No more good-bys or hellos for that matter. Just together. Sounds lovely. And a bit like heaven, which certainly isn't going to happen on this ball of dust. It was a bit like heaven yesterday, though, Skyping with my mom and dad, and Justin's mom and grandmother. Then chatting a bit with each my brother and two sisters once during the day, it was almost like having them here. It was special. I do hope you're time together was enjoyable, even if it was hard because sometimes they are, those holidays, the best and worst of times for many of us.

And here is a little dose of the special time we had this week together.
Operation Chirstmas Child is the kick of to Christmas for us.
If you have never participated check out their website mark the calandar
for next year.
Becasue it is SO worth it!
This boy.
I love him!
All those tears have been well worth all the fun.
This book.
Sent, with love, to us by my mom
after her visit.
It's lovely.
And I love to walk by, and smile a bit remembering our
time together.
Busted pinjata and all. :)
This one too.
It has wonderful, simple, kid (and mom) friendly knits.
After sitting in Jordynn's room for over a year,
we're finally using it.
Just this.
Looked and looked for something sweet like this.
Thank you St. Vinies.
Aren't thrift shops the best?!!
Christmas crafting with our only sweet girl.
So thankful for her.

Our Thanksgiving tree.
Want to make one.
Find the free printable here.
And scroll down to Ann's post entitled,
A (Christian) Family Thanksgiving Activity:
The Thanksgiving Tree (free printable) 

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