Monday, 20 August 2012


Though unusually long days out of the house were more normal than I would have liked and I did not, no did not get up but once in seven days to spend time alone with the Lord, this idea of abounding with love with real knowledge and discernment to approve what is excellent has been marinating around in my mind and heart.

 Thank you Lord, for you abound in grace...though my life is busy and I fail....

So we did this activity with the kids to show them just what overflowing, abounding, superabounding looks like...only we used some bubbles and food colouring. Sometimes it's the simple things in life isn't it?!

As the bubbles overflowed, we chatted (or at least tried to) about our prayers for them. We asked questions like: What is real knowledge? and What is discernment? and Why would Paul pray these things for other believers? and Why would we pray these things for them...for friends...for family?

Yes, it is the simple isn't it? Our kids loved doing this activity (which I found here), though, I'm not sure anything really stuck (I never am really sure about that), but still we are faithful, by God's grace most days, to sew the seed and trust the Lord to reap the harvest....

639. 30 years, thank you Lord for 30 years
640. a fantastic date night with my best friend
641. trying a new restaurant
642. feeling forgotten and remembering Who never forgets
643. that dimple on that ornery little boy
644. looking up words to find deeper meaning
645. taking pictures
646. I once was lost, but now am found...was blind, but now I see
647. prayers to abound...thank you Lord, the God who is able
648. reading about another's walk with the Lord
649. birthday well wishes, cards, kind words, blessing abound! thank you dear ones


  1. What a great object lesson! I love it! And I love #646. So glad I stopped by:) You have adorable children. Blessings!

    1. Thank you for the kind words...and stopping by...