Thursday, 30 August 2012

Filling this Vapor of Time

This wispy thing we call time has had me in knots the past week or so which has shoved blogging back, not even to the back burner, but to the back of the freezer where you put that soup last year that you knew would be so delicious heated up again....might want to rethink that....

Yes, and as 10:30 quickly approaches, I have still yet to figure out this issue of time, but have finally realised that going to bed before 11:00 pm most assures me that the pain (yes, I said in physical) of waking up earlyish is not as great as when I go to bed at 2:00 am. I know, I'm terribly slow at learning some things...well, ok most things.

So here I will leave you with the blessed experience of what has been filling this vapor of time here at the Pope house. I'm sure you can relate...and appreciate...thanks for stopping by....

These are only a fraction of the staples that Justin (he's my favourite...and not just b/c he pulled out his fare share of staples) and I pulled out of our kitchen table chairs while reupholstering them...yes, just a fraction...holy staples!!
Before: total ick!

After: Happy B-day to me!
This is what delicious looks like!
Cook books, and flour and dirty rice cookers...OH MY!
I have conceded, waived my white flag: Never, ever will I solve the many cup mystery. On the other hand we did discover that yellow watermelon is scrumptious.
Settlers and Indians: thank you for providing many hours of entertainment to the littlest boy to the biggest.
Reading along for another astounding adventure with Jack and Annie in their Magic Tree House.
Yes, this is my overflowing laundry basket. Mostly this is for my children so I can actually prove to them how much laundry they create. I do think they will forget...and maybe I will too... I want to remember what God has helped us all do together and that includes the laundry. :0)

Sweet Smiles

...and, by HIS grace, counting it all joy...

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