Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Seemingly Insignificant

Here I am, struggling against this post. It seems so insignificant. So small. But because our backwards God is always and forever using the small things in life to make himself big, here I am about to post about: organisation. A topic of which I know little to nothing about...just ask my mother.

In the grand scheme of life this is really nothing and I realise that. I realise that life is more than about organisation and keeping a tidy house. However important this topic may be to you let me just say if you are a mess, like myself, it's ok...and it's really ok if other people know it.

I did want to share with you what I have been using over the past couple of months as a planner. It's kinda genius and doesn't cost a lot. Two of my favourite things: genius and cheap! It might just be what you are looking for. I have had my fair share of planners. Big ones. Small ones. Red ones. Blue ones. I even now have an on line planner from Home Educating Family (who by the way is offering a 50% discount on their fantastic magazine right now...enter coupon code: conv50) which I think will be very helpful for homeschooling especially if we ever live in a state that requires me to tell them what in the world we do for school (sigh).

Not that long ago, I bought a couple of little journals. That is another thing I have a good handful of. Those journals are so stinkin' cute. I started using one for budgeting, my to do lists, to jot down notes and important information to remember, appointments, things I'm thankful for, recipes even. This book has many parts of our life folded with in it's pages.

 There are no fancy tabs, or any organisational markers of any kind which was kind of a bummer for me (and for you, if you love that sort of thing) because I was forever and a day (do people still say that phrase?) looking for the info that I needed. But I kind of liked it too since I'm really flying by the seat of my pants most of the time anyway. And then... Ah! Ha! one of you beautifully, wonderful homeschooling mommas out there had the idea of using washi tape (I picked mine up from walmart) to mark your pages in your journal which was linked into Ann Voscamp's blog, A Holy Experience. The kind I picked up is actually masking tape with prints on it and is cheaper than the actual washi tape. And just in case you're wondering: Yes, I have a "key" in the front of my book that reminds me what tape is for what...cause you know... I need that. :)

Here's to another chapter in my blogging experience: the seemingly insignificant...join me for the ride, dear friends....

Thank you Lord, that truly all is grace.....

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