Monday, 25 June 2012


It started with a conversation. And that’s how it usually begins…my writing process (if you can call it that.) This is how it went:

I know you’re on the edge of you seat right!


I’m asked by my second, “Mom, where is my punch card?” “They are in the junk drawer, son,” was my reply.

Junk drawer...

I couldn’t get the out of my head once it came out of my mouth. Junk drawer. Maybe it is because it’s not a junk drawer. It actually isn’t a drawer full of junk. It is actually a fairly well organised (probably the only place in my house that is on a regular basis) “catch all” drawer. Anything that I don’t have a place for at the time (or don’t want to find a home for) kind of gets stuck in here. And the truth is that there are things in this so called junk drawer that I would be lost with out…like the 5th pair of scissors that I can always count on being there when the other 4 that we own are no where to be found. And that red pen I’m forever looking for. And batteries! Those things are a life saver for sure.

Yes, I think I will start to call it a catch all drawer, but then I have to explain that one to the kids…hmmmm…

Oh, yes there is a point to this story....and here it is....

This idea of junk that isn’t really junk. I had this thought:

 I am kinda like that junk in that drawer. No wait, all believers are kinda like that junk.

NO! NO! You protest, “We’re not junk…we are fearfully and wonderfully made. We are special because we are made in the image of God himself.” To quote Bob the tomato, “God made you special and he loves you very much.” And you are correct! That is true and an integral to the life of every believer. It is important to know this and live this, and I heartly agree.

And still….

Isn’t it also true that God uses the base things of the world? Isn’t it true that what seems to be unimportant really IS what is important after all? Don’t I loose everything to find Christ…even myself?

This isn’t an issue of so called self-esteem. This is another case of our wonderfully backwards God.

You see…
                 the world tells you to…

…Follow your heart... are special in and of yourself …

 …if you don’t feel good about yourself you just need some good ol’ self confidence...

…if you want respect, you go out there and get it, demand it even...

...don’t ever let anyone take advantage of you (and if you do it’s probably because you feel badly about yourself)...

 And yet....
                 God’s word says…

 …your heart is deceitful and wicked above all else (Jer. 17:9)

...what makes you truly special is that God made you in his image and loved you so that you may love him back…(Genesis 1: 26-27, 1 John 4:19)

…the only way to truly have confidence is to find it in Christ and his cross: to take it up daily (Acts 17:11)...

...remember, Jesus washing his disciples feet just before his death…even Judas Iscariot the man who would betray him for 30 pieces of silver? yeah that man…. He washed his stinkin’ feet on the night before his death too…(John 13:1-17)

…only when we loose our life can we find life in the Light of Life…(Matt. 16:25)

 Just glancing down in our junk drawer it doesn’t look like anything special, but it really is an essential part of our house. There are important things in there. They just aren’t hung on the wall or sat on all day long. Though they may not have a place of prominence they have their place and particular purpose.

 And, you know I believe, that this is how God works: backwards.

I confess, again, I spend far too much time wanting to do or be something important when in reality God doesn’t want or need “important” people, God wants us to deny ourselves so in turn our desires become His desires. He wants us to bend ourselves low in service to Him and then to others.

 Now, this is so confusing isn’t it? Bend low in service to be exalted? 

This is totally contrary to everything inside of this heart of mine. But isn’t that the point?

My heart can only fulfil this calling…when it is full of Him: of Jesus Christ himself.

Father, this bending low and serving of the hands is so, very hard. My hands don't want to serve they want to be served. I don't want to bend low, I want to stand tall. Frankly, it's more comfortable that way, Lord. Forgive me for wanting things my way, for buying into the worlds ideas, for wanting a place of prominance and to be seen in the world and appreicated above you. Forgive me for wanting people to see my works and praise me and not you and your son. Thank you for Jesus because only by him and through him are any of us able to fulfil this most high and holy calling of servanthood. ~Amen

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