Monday, 22 August 2011

Tantrums aren't just for Toddlars

"I don't WANT to be thankful!" This is my exact thought late this afternoon whilst scrubbing the many dishes that they all won't be able to fit into the dishwasher. Overflowing the dishes are everywhere, from last night..perhaps even the night before? "Haven't I told them at least a hundred, no a thousand times to use the SAME cup?" There are at least ten cups on my counter, in my sink, every where around the house and I don't WANT to be thankful. I want to wallow in self pity. I want to feel sorry for myself, to think that I'll never get my act together, that this mess just will always be that: a mess!

This is me. This is me throwing a tantrum. This is me throwing my first tantrum in year 29 of my life (it's only day 5 of this 29th could be a long one). ;)  I cannot be discontent AND thankful at the very same time. I know this! Right then, I'm choosing discontent. Like a child I have dug my heels into the floor and I. Am. Not. Moving. I am not thanking the Lord for the food eaten, clean water that I don't have to walk hours for, a table to sit at and chairs to sit on, little smiles to behold, full tummies, a dishwasher that does the dishes for me and those sticky, little hands that help.

Then, all at once, he's there beside me so sweaty he almost looks like he showered in his ABU. Me pouting, him smiling wide. Getting up at 3 and walking home at 5:30, it's been a long day for him too and there he is with that smile. It's a quick kiss, but it's that smile that helps me remember to slow give thanks.

221. another year gone by with all these lil' Popes
222. sweet birthday gifts
223. delicious fajita dinner
224. ice cream cake
225. sweet time with an even sweeter family
226. YouTube party; my very first
227. honest discussions
228. friends always challenging me with this truth; really it's only God and what he thinks of me that matters
229. early morning dew
230. refreshing rain
231. flip-flops
232. long walks
233. HOT, sunny Summer days
234. kids playing in the lil' pool
235. library books
236. Hope in Christ who changes the heart
237. Confidence in Christ
238. his smile
239. a quiet, sleepy house
240. my dishwasher

"Enter into His gates with thanksgiving,
And into His courts with praise.
Be thankful to Him, and bless His name."
~Psalm 100:4

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