A Place to Call Home

"Home is where the Air Force sends us" is a phrase that I see a lot on wooden signs that military families have hanging up outside or decorating their hallways. There is often a list of the places that they have been stationed, or their "homes" dangling below. Here is the list of homes and the places that God, in his sovereignty, has used the Air Force to send us to...the places we have called home.

1. Lackland AFB, TX~ Ok so we weren't stationed here, but we did live here for almost 6 months while Justin trained and we waited on orders. It was a good , hard, sweet, joyous, wonderful, heartbreaking, lovely start to our life together. The time spent here was hard, but sweet. It was just Jordynn, Justin and me...together, always together.

2. Offutt AFB, NE~ Our very first duty station. I'll never forget shoveling all the snow that first year, never being able to go anywhere because of it and Justin coming home smelling of gasoline. Hunter was born here. Justin deployed to Ecuador for 6 months. Our church family here was special in that they really do earnestly contend for the faith and it was humbling being apart of a church family that lives out what they believe.

3. Vogelweh AF, Germany~ Bittersweet is the word that always comes to mind about Germany. Koen and Gideon were born at Landsthul (the local military hospital.) We've visited numerous places we never imagened we would; our favorite was camping in Switzerland. Justin deployed for 6 months to Kuwait. The trials were numerous, but the blessings because of or in spite of the trials overflow my heart with thanksgiving.

4. Marquette, MI~ A glorious time spent here. Family is always the word I will always associate with Marquette. These are our people. They loved us well and spent of themselves for us. We added 4 members to our family here so Marquette will forever be special to us for many reasons. My heart longs to be with our family there, the changing seasons, the magnificent lake, and the quaint, quiet town.

5. I don't share where we are now, just for privacy sake. Adjustments are many, but God is gracious. Always. And never have we ever settled in better or been more welcomed to a new home.


  1. I love you guys and miss you so much! I've just been reading some of your latest blogs. I want you to know that while you think you are a mess and always having to catch yourself being "human", when you share your thoughts and all your honesty it's a blessing to others, for sure ME! Love you!

  2. Ah, an Air Force sister! Beautiful blog home you have. Beautiful family! Blessings to you and yours.