Monday, 10 June 2013

The Beauty

Often when I peek through my camera lens I am looking, searching for the beauty. Often times, it seems that for that kind of beauty, I have to look beyond what is right in front of my eyes...beyond what I am tempted to focus on.

And sometimes that beauty is just a glimpse.
And right in front of my eyes. All at the same time.

And sometimes it's walking right in front of me: water bottle in hand, camera slung over her shoulder. Chatting with my girl.

And if you don't get catch it, right miss it.

This beauty, she came and washed dishes, hugged grand kids, did 35 loads of laundry (at least), brought me coffee in the mornings, told my kids they are special, loved the ones that are called fostered like they were her own, let me borrow her husband for a couple of projects around the house, laughed hard and long, told me what I needed to hear and said, "you are doing well" as I wept before she left.

For this beauty and for these I am thankful:

882. A mom who comes and enters in the mess: takes a deep breath and helps.
883. Realising there is nothing you can ever do to pay your mother back...and knowing she would never want to be.
884. 21st century surgery and one little girl and our BIG God who truly is amazing. Thank you for all of you who prayed for Evi she is doing so well.
885. Jesus. I see him working in our daughter's heart to know what it is to love in an agape like way.
886. travel mercies for our dear friends!
887. the trees! they're budding! finally!!!!
888. the gift of today. And the hope of forever.
889. little boys pushing plastic lawn mowers
890. The man that finally loves my mother for all that she is.

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