Friday, 1 March 2013


Dear Midwest friends and family,
I know you think you just got a lot of snow.
And comparing, well is usually over rated... a waste of time.
However, I wanted to just share this view out of our front door
so that you can indeed see that, "this to shall pass" and well,
the Popes will still be covered in snow.
So here amidst the Narniaish weather
at the Pope house we are getting creative.
Or trying our very best.
Which means a lot of copying.
Any good idea I have ever had, rest assured,
came from someone else much more brilliant than I.
Which, btw....those people aren't hard to come by.
And my dear not so little, Jordynn
is taking a photo collage class.
I thought these were some good catches
for her "color collage" project.

Nope didn't use PicMonkey on those.
She is beginning to really use the camera
and experiment with different angles etc.
Happy Friday Friends!
May you find youselves in a padded room.
No, not that kind!
The one where building towers with huge foam
blocks and jumping off is always ok.

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  1. Replies
    1. You're sweet, Heidi. I'll tell her you liked her photos. :)

  2. Love it. That's a lot of snow. Can we see snowmen, and snowwomen next time. and it is great to see things from a different perspective.


    1. Janis, thanks for stopping by! Yes, we have built many a snowmen/women but honestly with the snow as deep as it is, really it's only good for sledding in. :)