Monday, 25 July 2011


Sometimes there are these moments in motherhood that I hope I never forget. They often happen with discussing the Lord or the things of him with the kids. Children really can grasp things that we don't think they can and many times I am baffled by their insight.

Tonight was a bit like that, but not at all at the same time. Justin was reading and discussing with the children about the Trinity. Justin explains that God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are ONE God, but each is a separate "person or entity." When he's finished he asks Hunter, "Son so how many gods are there?" Hunter smiles like he's got this one. He blurts out, "THREE, one (looking a bit confused) or oh Dad this doesn't make since!"

Justin humbly replies, "You're right, it is hard to understand."

So thankful is this heart of mine, that I don't understand EVERY aspect of the Lord...that there are things I don't fully grasp because who wants to worship a God that my feeble mind can understand perfectly??!

Also am I so thankful for:

181. hide-n-seek
182. chilly days
183. truth and grace which can't ever be separated
184. heart wrenching prayers for a friend and a God who hears them
185. my God: healer of all wounds
186. seeing the Holy Spirit work among friends
187. hard conversations met with grace
188. my Love; growing in the Lord
189. reading about the Lord as a family
190. healthy kids
191. planning a trip to spend special time with friends
192. big sister time; reading to little brother #2

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