Tuesday, 5 July 2011


"Rejoice in the Lord always, I will say it again; Rejoice!" Phil. 4.4

123. rain, sprinkling rain; pounding rain; always refreshing rain
124. trying a new recipe
125. freedom to homeschool
126. meeting another kind soul
127. an oppurtunity to show grace
128. that carpet of green growing all around our yard
129. new challenges
130. health insurance especially at 2 AM
131. antibiotics
132. You, Lord are always faithful...giving me the rest I need
133. praying for a dear, far...far away friend
134. a know-so kind of hope...the one I cling to
135. looking back, only to be thankful ever more for this "heart of flesh" given to me
136. choosing what is true, right and good
137. the grace not to give into feelings...choosing what is hard
138. learning perserverence, patience, and when to hold my tongue
139. listening to hymns played on the piano
140. sprinklers
141. a nice, long run
142. wisdom from the wise
143. learning from the Old Testiment...SO much I don't know
144. FREEDOM found ONLY in Christ
145. praying together; heads bowed, voices low...my Love, and I to the Lord

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