Meet the 10 Popes

We get many jokes about our last name Pope.  Do you know the Pope?  Is your dad the Pope? (which by the way doesn't even make since)  Oh I'm in's the Pope.  And so on it goes.....However, I do realise that there is a lot that is said in a name.  Everyone, well most everyone is given a name.  I've known people with interesting, weird, funny, ex-centric, dull and even made up (Delrene) names but never known anyone not to have one.  Interesting things...our names.  So what is my point?  With a name comes a story...lots of stories actually and we would like to share them with you...the ones we love but are too far away to enjoy everyday.

Kari Jo Pope is the gal that pens here about this wondering wispy life that we 10 Popes are walking (sometimes running), drifting even through together. She does hate talking about herself in the third person (so she'll quit that now). And really, there isn't anything special to tell. Nope, not really. I'm just like you. I struggle with comparing myself to everyone. Seriously everyone. I wish I was better at ________ (insert anything here.) I want to have it altogether: a clean, well decorated house, wonderful marriage, obedient children who love Jesus, home cooked meals and a cute hair cut. I am just as delusional as you when you think, "Oh! this book will solve all my problems!!" Yes, I'm just like you. A mess. My mess just may look different than yours.

 I'm a mom to 8. You may never have a kiddo. I home school. You may send your kids to public school. I eat at McDonald's and love their iced coffee. You may eat gluten free and think McDonald's is of the devil. But it's you I want to sit with for awhile. It's you I want to encourage. Yeah, you sitting right there staring at the screen wondering what in the world you were placed here to do, or what in the world do I believe and how do I actually live in light of what I say I believe, or what your even going to cook for dinner, how you're going to get these kids all leaned and growed up in the Lord, or even who the Lord is. I know one thing for sure: That you could use some REAL encouragement. Not another perfectly Pintrest (though I love them) sort of blogs. A for REAL woman, wife, mother who struggles for REAL. Upfront and honest is what you'll get around here and my sincere hope is that is is refreshing and challenging. May every post point you to my dearest and most beloved friend, Jesus Christ.

So gather 'round sisters. Grab yourself a cup of coffee (preferably iced) or tea or whatever it is you like (flavored water maybe?!) and read along for an encouraging ride.


  1. Hi Sister!

    I love ICR too! (Institution for Creation Research).

    I pray all's well w/ you and your family.

    God's peace & joy to you,


    1. Thanks for stopping by. I do wish you could come up here and visit. We could fish and hang out and you could teach me to cook.... :)