Monday, 26 October 2015

And Then She Turned 13

I look at my littlest and wonder where it went. Time. It vanishes so quickly. A vapor, yes it's true. Time can be no friend of mine. My days are spent going and not slowing. Going and not slowing. We are in the middle of the "show" so to speak and our days are full. If I could go back and tell that young momma a thing or two I would tell her to enjoy the slow days. And to fill them up with laughter, hugs and messes. Don't worry so much about what it all looks like all the time or what others might think of you and just enjoy that baby girl. Fill it up and brimming over, not with things that others may be doing but things that you can enjoy doing together. And don't let her watch Sleeping Beauty (it gives her nightmares.) Lower your expectations, momma. She's little and learning and you can teach her with grace, not with just the fear of being punished. Fight for her heart!

Oh! But I can't. I cannot go back. If there was a do over button, I would push it. I really would. Not because I didn't enjoy the first time around, but because I want to fully enjoy it again. To breathe deep and laugh loud and long. I've joked that I pray often that my oldest would forget "a lot." Not because she was neglected or abused, but because I thought I knew what I was doing when really, I had no idea.

The difference now? I still don't really know. I just know, that I don't really know. You know?! I am fully aware (or at least mostly aware) of my need for Christ in my mothering. Even with one or two, a momma's job is H.A.R.D and we are in desperate need of the grace of God in our parenting. The grace that can only come through Jesus himself.

This isn't something that keeps me up at night. Many of you know my oldest, and are probably thinking, "What the heck, Kari...she is delightful, kind, caring and has a beautiful servant's heart." Yup! You're right about that. But all of that really is in spite of many shortcomings. Yes, I know, faithfulness...I want to be, but so many times I find myself lacking. So really, truly any results that are positive are the grace of Christ working through (and sometimes in-spite) of me as well as in her.

Our verse this year for school this year that I'm clinging to, yet again, comes from the short book of Philippians. It is about not looking back, but straining ahead, as if you are in the desperate race of your life and you have nothing left to give...the long, rocky road is hard to run on...but by the grace of God you or looking ahead to that forward call heavenward.

Awhile back, I quit reading many lovely blogs because I found myself comparing about, well everything. It seems that in the area of mothering, we do this all too well. I also feel that children and mothering can't ever be reduced to an equation that would equal good, God-fearing kids if we just would do ________ things. They are all (those kiddos) just too different for that. If you don't believe it try having 8 running around your house 24/7. They are each unique in their very own right and cannot be reduced to a desired outcome.

God has rescued me from the idea that I have to save my children. That if I mess up...then my kids will be messed up. I look at my beautiful 13 year old daughter and it's like he has given me another reason not to believe that lie because I have messed up. A lot. With them all.

I realize that many will read these words and shirk this idea because grace is a scary thing. Of course kids need stability, boundaries, faithful, God-fearing parents who are willing to discipline them when necessary. All of those attributes are necessary, of course! What I'm saying in no way negates any of that. But so much of mothering is not black and white: there are many grace-areas (as I so lovingly will call them...from now on) where we work out our OWN salvation with fear and trembling in this regard realizing that all children are made differently...and so are their mothers.

So here is to enjoying the next many years that we get to enjoy having this ever so sweet young lady around. I praise the Lord for his working in her heart and mine as we weave together this special relationship of mother and daughter. I find myself enjoying and loving her more with each year. Her desire to know what is true is evident and I see a discernment in her that is beyond most 13 year olds. I see growth in her relationships with her siblings and learning to love the unlovable. She is also learning to laugh more at herself. I love that. She is a joy...such a joy.


  1. Sweet post...
    I too have been thinking along these lines. No one can save these children except Christ. Thankful for that! And, yes, us moms mess up a ton. Thankful for forgiveness and grace in my life and in the lives of my children.

    1. It is a challenge isn't it Heidi?! To let go of that idea. There are days when I cling to it with white knuckles. And then I'm reminded that I serve a sovereign Lord who has it all under control...a God whom I can trust in. I love that you stopped by!! You're kids make me smile and so do you. :)