Friday, 11 September 2015

A Cupcake Kind of Friday

Some weeks deserve a cupcake kind of ending. Not because they are so great but because, "Yay! Praise the good Lord that we made it to Friday and this week is O-V-E-R" kind of cupcake. And so we did today. Ate cupcakes to finish our long week while celebrating some very smart kiddos reading through their Bible readers over the past year (holla!). But mostly, it's been one glorious battle this week and it's tempting to loose sight of things to be thankful for, things that get lost in the sometimes overwhelming neediness of smallish ones, appointments, various other exciting activities and schooling.

I was reminded today of that as I listened to the bell toll over the radio, remembering those who lost their lives on this very day inside (or just outside) the Twin Towers. And those rushed in to rescue; going inside when most were running out, knowing they would not, very probably, come out alive. They rushed in anyway. I just can't even. My heart was heavy about the unfolded week until I remembered that things could be worse. A lot worse.

So friends, join me today won't you in begging for grace.

Then eat a cupcake (a handful of chocolate chips will do) and be thankFULL. :)

One boy stuffed mouth...the other in process.

Thank you Father, for the gift of remembering even when my heart sometimes longs to forget. Thank you that your grace extends beyond the depths of the ocean and across the wide seas. Thank you that we are never alone when we trust in your own Son, Jesus. Thank you for doctors who are compassionate. And a husband who bends in service and for children who are learning to serve one another well. Thank you that there are people who are willing to rush into danger while everything inside tells them to run away. Thank you for our very freedom that we so often take for granted and the men and women that sacrifice much. Thank you for the courage and strength you give to your people. Thank you for friends who are so, very helpful. That you give us your Son and you also give us family in the church. Thank you for sunshine, hot days and for the rain.  It is easy to look around and only see darkness, but OH! to look look to you, Father, is to see beyond what is behold your glory and grace upon your redeemed people is an amazing thing and my heart is glad. in Jesus' name ~amen

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