Friday, 27 June 2014

Miss Naomi Rae Pope

Girls with the last name Pope, usually come by it because they married a Pope boy. And so for 9 months I tell people I think I'm having a boy b/c "we have that recipe down really well." We were so convinced that we call the baby a he for 9 months also. So convinced, so surprised that even when little Miss Naomi arrives, my Love, calls her a he for the first few days. And we smile big. And he asks, "are you just as excited with this one and you were for the others?' Because when you have 4 already, maybe life coming into the world isn't as exciting. But you know what? It is. It really, truly is. And that, friends, is a little surprising to us both too.

A name for her she did not have for awhile. Girl names are a little harder for us to agree on. But when he looks up and excitedly says, after reading through the book of Ruth, "Naomi. How about Naomi?" I knew that was the one, though he couldn't remember what it meant.

I check later.
Naomi means pleasant.

And when we tell her biggest sister, that she has the sister she has prayed for, for the last 11 years. She laughs hard and says, "Naomi, what a pleasant surprise."

And that is just exactly what she is...a most pleasant surprise.

Meet Miss Naomi Rae Pope. Born 6/15/14 at 9:42 pm. 6 lbs. 15 oz.

Thank you all for your outpouring of grace on behalf of our family. We truly are most blessed. It has been humbling to see how willing others have been to help us out, putting aside yourselves to serve us. Grace is never to be repaid, if it is indeed grace. And though we cannot, we are most ever grateful for all of you!


  1. Congratulations! She is beautiful! Our oldest wanted a sister SOO badly as well. We were happy that the Lord gave one to her. :)

    1. Heidi! I'm so lame. It's Aug. and I'm just now responding. I was so happy yours got a sister too. :) What a special gift to have a sister!!

  2. I think I read this post a while back but it was so fun to read again BC that comment from jordynn makes me smile. How perfect. And pleasant. :). Thanks goodness for girls!!!!!!