Sunday, 7 July 2013

Too Long

It's been too long. Me sitting down to plunk away. I did twice last week, I mean. And now that I sit down for a time, while the house is quiet at the same time, I can't find what I wrote. I did save them, both of them I promise that I did, but now they're gone. Poof! Forever, they are in computer land, or wherever they go when you loose something via the Internet. And now? I got nothing....

So, instead of writing, I think I will share some of the last few weeks in pictures for you to enjoy. There is just so much to say...I just don't know where to begin. Remember, as always, God is good, faithful, kind and long suffering. There is always something to be thankful for....

Like the water table...

and the baby who LOVES it.
A boat ride with our sweet Grandmommy...
that helped me see this place we call home...from a different angle.
Love that!
This man. And this boy.
These ladies.
Thank you Grandmommy for sharing a week with us!
And, Oh! The cool things you can do with PicMonkey photo shop...
and then there's the one in a thousand photo that I take that doesn't need it.
Did is say this boy?
Yes, yes, I did...
And these 7 silly kiddos.




  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Heidi! It's about all I have time for at the moment.... :)

  2. I love hearing about/seeing how ya'll are doing! Seems so strange those two kiddos are now 8! Where does time go? Jordynn is a young lady already!

    1. It was a good walk down memory lane for me too, Dwynette. They do just keep growing up and I just keep chasing hard after. Miss you, sister!