Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas Photo Cards: FridayFavs

A little early to be posting this, perhaps, but for once I might be on top of something, well kind of anyway. I do, I do, I do love receiving and giving Christmas photo cards in the mail and I'm pretty sure we've done it once or twice, but I'm also certain that was before baby #3. I must also admit, I do try to save a buck or two hundred, and hate to think of all those Christmas card photos I ordered in someones photo box (or in the trash....yeah, you don't have me fooled ;) )  'til next year when you place new one on the fridge, hang them around the door way or on some other wall that isn't already cluttered with photos and then that photo will too... then replace the other one in a box (or, like I said in the trash...ha!) I did see once that someone had made place mats out of all of her photos and Christmas cards to use the next Christmas. I always think I'll do this and then....I forget. I know you're super surprised! So call me cheap if ya want, but Smilebox is free and I get to add more than a couple photos. Here are just a few of our first year up in the U.P. I tried to keep it short and sweet. Enjoy!

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Oh, and PS don't quit sending me those photos of yours I do love them and my fridge and photo box do need to have a purpose you know?!

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