Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Today at Wal-Mart, I was asked the dreaded question (at least is dreaded for this pleaser), "Do you home school?" "Yes," was my meagre reply and then I think I smiled and tried to look confident, but non-judgemental as if there is a look like that. Then I had this thought, "It's four in the afternoon!" "How does this lady know I'm a home educating mother?!!" Doesn't home educating sounds so much better than homeschooling?!

Anyway, back to the story as I know you're sitting on the edge of your seat...

You see, usually I only get this question if it's the middle of the day, but now I'm getting it at four in the afternoon?! YIKES! I can feel my face get a little red because now, it's official, we're one of those "weird" homeschooling families that you can spot a mile away because they are all the girls are wearing coolots and the boy's shirts are all tucked into their pants and are wearing an actual belt (my boys like to wear them around their heads...or to play, "walk Gideon"...but that's a whole nother post.)

I'm looking over at my kids, who just so happen to be sitting quietly on a bench right by me looking at there newly acquired Wal-Mart stash that they bought w/ allowance money. And who just so happen to actually match, not be wearing rain boots when it's not raining (Koen) or cowboy boots with athletic pants for that matter, have brushed their hair...and teeth, have clothing on that matches and seem to actually look, maybe for the first time...pretty "normal."

Yes, yes, I know "normal" is only a setting on the dryer...and even then I'm not sure what that means. Then, why do I want so badly to be that and feel so, ahem....ashamed when people notice?! Why can't I just embrace the weirdness? I mean I am really the only person that I know who to solve the lice/nit situation in her hair last week actually cut my hair....myself (well, Justin did help a little.) All. Of. It. Almost every website I read said that, that was the best solution...so enter the new pixi cut. Who does that? Me! Sitting down for another 4 hours to get all those nits outta my hair sounded crazier than just cutting it myself...or maybe I'm the crazy one...hmmmmm....

I'm not sure what all this means other than I care waaaayyyy too much what others think. This isn't a surprise to me. Finding my joy, peace, total acceptance, and approval in Christ is a daily battle.  It is encouraging to look into the Word and see, honest not single normal person either. Not a one. I see a bunch of weirdos. Even Jesus himself was nothing what any body expected him to be...nothing! What sort of "king" comes into the world in a manger and then ends up dying on a cross?! Only the Savior of the world, that's who.

In an article entitled "Discover Courage to Live Family Life on Your Own Terms" (found in Home Educating Family Magazine p. 72) by Rachel Denning of www.discovershareinspire.com, Mrs. Denning points out "Because His plans for each of us are as varied as we are. For some he says to go, and others he tells to stay, and none of us can be the judge of what the other should be doing. We can only determine for ourselves what His will is for us." And oh, how easily it is do to that... judging, I mean...isn't it?

And while, I don't agree with every single thing that Mrs. Denning promotes, I do believe that the crux of the issue is that I am alone accountable to the Lord and it is, very inspiring to see a family living so outside the normal box that it stirred a renewed conviction in me to find my acceptance in Him alone and not what others think because...

I have to "earn" others approval when God's approval is the exactly opposite. His approval comes through his son Jesus Christ and there is nothing that I can do to earn that....ever.

And here I am wanting to be something that God did not intend for me to be. But really, I'm not sure that he intended, those of us whom he calls his children, to be anything less than weirdos...for lack of a better word. :) So while you may not be a homeschooling, er...I mean...home educating mother of 4 with a newly dawned pixi cut, if Jesus Christ is the LORD of your life, you are going against the grain, for sure. And for sure, there will be some bumps and bruises along the way because of it!

But be encouraged... God does things so backwards, so contrary to how we would do them in almost every circumstance because his ways are not ours. And I can find trust, rest and thanksgivings in that...

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  1. Kari- I just love your blog-you are such an encouragement...I wish you were close to go grab coffee with! ;) Of course, then we would have to find a babysitter, so this may be better. I too love to be "normal"- thanks for the good reminder, and the smiles. :)