Monday, 30 January 2012

Living in the UP

Well, I wouldn't say that we're official Yoopers...yet, but I thought maybe this would give you a peak into our lives up here in the UP...kind of a to 10 list of things to know about living up here...

10. There is a special all season windshield washer fluid that should be placed into the car before you enter sub zero temperatures.

9. I don't think I can express just how thankful we are for our snow tires

8. Allow yourself 5 min. extra per child to go outside especially if you are readying your little ones for a walk to the grocer around the corner. It will probably take you longer to get ready than to actually walk to the grocer, buy the few things you need and walk home.

7. Seeing the big flakes drop like a beautiful ballet out of the sun filled sky is something I hope I never forget to wonder at.

6. Thank God for snow plows, and sand....and slow drivers...and a heater that works....

5. Playing in the snow is a whole new set of adventures for the kids and really, there is a lot one can do in the snow if you have enough of it!

4. I wouldn't trade my double garage for anything...even a huge yard....even a stand alone house....

3. How ya doin' eh? in Yooper is kinda like How y'all been? in Texan

2. If anyone asks what the kids need for b-days etc. my standard answer will be board games...we can always use more of those.....or anything else creative to do indoors

1.  You can tell if someone has lived here a long time if they wear shorts to fix their car outside. Or maybe they're just a poor ol' college kid that needs some new jeans. ;)

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